Do you limit torrent size?

Torrent sizes are not limited, and are only affected by how much space you have left in your account. You can see your available space in the file manager on the top left.

To get additional storage space and download bigger torrents, feel free to upgrade.


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    Harish Gokul

    please add CGPEERS TORRENT.

    this torrent site link not work

    SEEDER CC is use full in

    1. fast download.

    2. Save time

    3. We can save on cloud

    4. watch online video 

    5. Free cloud space.

    thanks for 

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    Prem Kumar

    My file manager storage is 3gb but torrent bandwidth is 6.80gb now I add file can't download and show queued. Please how to solve this issue 

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    Susil Kafle

    I am free user, what is my download speed from to my device?

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